Annual Accounts

Whether you’re a sole trader who needs accounts produced to get a mortgage, or the owner of a medium-sized business who needs their accounts produced for HMRC and Companies House, we can help. For more information on accounts production in Wiltshire and beyond, give us a call.

Annual accounts are an invaluable tool for the business owner but too often they’re overlooked. We think that understanding the accounts is a vital part of understanding your business and we always encourage clients to come into the office to discuss the ins and outs of their financial statements.

Annual accounts are a legal requirement for a limited company and must be submitted to Companies House so they can go on the public record. They must also be submitted to HMRC along with your year end Corporation Tax return. They are so important because they’re a window into the business and how it’s functioning.

If you want to understand how your business is operating, what is working and what isn’t, what efficiencies you could make, and what could be improved, then we’re happy to look through your last set of accounts and see what we can find.

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