Carer Payroll

Are you thinking of employing a live-in carer? You might need us to set up a payroll for you.

If you’re not sure whether they need to be employed or self-employed, call us on 01225 862259 and we can help you understand the issues.

We deal with HMRC on your behalf

  • We’ll register you as an employer
  • We’ll make sure all of your obligations are taken care of
  • We’ll submit your RTI returns every month

We make everything clear and straightforward

  • We can send you a template employment contract so you’re covered if anything goes wrong
  • We’ll explain about auto-enrolment and whether your carer needs to be paid a pension

We look after the paperwork

  • We’ll email you with your payslips each month
  • We’ll keep track of your carer’s holiday pay and other allowances
  • We’ll keep track of your carer’s timesheets
  • We’ll let you know exactly how much to pay your carer and when to pay them
  • We’ll let you know exactly how much to pay HMRC and when to pay them
  • We’ll process P45s if you switch carers
  • We’ll provide you with a P60 at the year end
  • We’ll complete an employer’s annual return at the end of the year (P35)

Employing a carer should make your life easier, not harder. We take care of everything so you can focus on the important things.

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