Personal Tax Planning

It’s very easy to pay too much Income Tax or National Insurance. We have 35 years of experience in making the most of tax allowances and personal tax planning. Once we understand your sources of income, we can make sure you never pay more tax than you need to. If you are in or around Wiltshire and need help with your personal tax planning, we can help.

We will advise on minimising your tax liability for:

  • Income Tax
  • National Insurance
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax

We can help you optimise your tax position and the structure of your income ensuring that you:

  • Make the most of your personal tax-free Income Tax allowance
  • Make the most of your personal allowance for Capital Gains Tax
  • Explore alternative ways of saving tax e.g. investing in ISAs where useful or splitting assets between spouses

If you run your own business or limited company, we can advise on how to:

  • Structure your income from the business e.g. salary vs. dividends
  • Make the most of your capital allowances
  • Choose the best date for tax for your year end