Limited Companies

Whether it’s forming a company, setting up PAYE, navigating auto enrolment, or producing your accounts, we can help manage the day to day admin of running a limited company.

When you run your own limited company you need to be able to wear a lot of hats. It can seem that there are too many areas that you need to be an expert in: payroll, auto-enrolment, corporation tax, income tax, bookkeeping, HR, advertising, finance etc. We can take care of everything on that list for you (except for running your HR department and managing your marketing campaigns, of course, though we can recommend the perfect people for that too!)

Most of our clients love us because they can let us keep track of the all of the things they don’t want to such as:

  • Tax deadlines
  • Changes to tax law
  • Payroll deadlines
  • Minimum wage regulations
  • Auto enrolment duties
  • How much to pay themselves and when
  • When they go over the VAT threshold
  • When they are not allowed to charge the VAT flat rate any more or when it’s no longer financially sensible
  • How to carry back or forward losses
  • When to purchase big ticket assets to save tax
  • How to pay themselves
  • When to pay themselves

The list might seem to be endless to you, but we know exactly how to navigate it for you.

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